Change Website Language

How may you change a website language
If any you can show me requirements that applies to almost all world’s language, i’ll be so happy.
Many thanks.

Using any CMS (content supervision system). The content is actually created my humans because the online
translators should never be very good. You create duplicate posts for each language and the particular one
displayed is predicated off of that user’s cookie (language selection). The remaining site, graphics, system,
colors, fonts, etc. remain a similar for all languages. If there tend to be graphics with vocabulary specific
textual content on them, you would have to duplicate them also.

The method that you develop the CMS, render the pages, talk with the database, all hangs on your site.
Is it hand-made, is it WordPress, is it Joomla… Many different directions to go. If your website is
substantial, like Amazon, or maybe extremely elaborate, the language processing could be more difficult.

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