Changing video files from swf to f4v help

Howdy all
Pondered. swf video data on my web page and working great. Then I got new versions inside. f4v file format.

POST replaced the data but now the idea won’t play.

Do i need to embed an alternative player in our HTML code

Problem is MY PARTNER AND I don’t which palyer or how to attract the code and also set it upward.



I’m not just a video expert… so do some research on this.
I think you’ll want to convert f4v to be able to flv and try a Flash player.
http: //www. sothinkmedia. com/flv-converter/f4v-to-flv-converter. htm

I am all researched available, and so confused when using the overload of data.

What Used to do to temporarily receive the new vids on the internet was convert the particular f4v to swf and also just swap this file names from the existing code, but the quality of the conversion will be pretty poor.

Only follow your advice should i convert the f4v that will flvs and simply swap the file names to the code, replacing the previous swf with flvs Since Absolutely , that flashplayer has already been there in the code to try out the swf.

Aid, I have tried many stuff thats why We are now here asking…


Remorseful… it is disheartening. I guess in which using YouTube is simple, that’s what MY SPOUSE AND I do now.
But rather if your videos are confidential or proprietary, you should have to keep attempting things.

Thanks for any support.

Running all aspects of your own business and trying to maintain the website in addition puts added pressure on, and its sometimes very from a technical perspective involved, so any right out the box solutions work for me: )

POST don’t mind implementing my videos through Youtube, but how

Also I have another play all over and what Make need is a great file converter since the picture quality is the real issue.

We have various file codecs (mp4, f4v, wmv) all with HD but when i convert them to swf the high quality degrades, especially since we have text on the video which will become unreadable.

Can one use these file formats on Youtube . com without converting



Isn’t the fv4 your flash format MY SPOUSE AND I read somewhere who’s will play with flash player, but the flash player needs to be version 9 or even better…

In the event you wanna use a person tube, you must create an consideration, once that is performed… You can upload a multitude of formats… Once the upload is successful, from your account there will be some options pertaining to using them… One is it is going to generate the appropriate code you can copy and paste into your site…

Once you do that, the files will probably stream from then through your site… The only real issue is after the file is conducted playing, they ( everyone tube ), offers some " similar" video tutorials…

Once you upload then, you should have a chance to put some tags to the video, if a person upload several video tutorials, I’d suggest with all the same tags ( if applicable ), so at the end of each online video media… The ones which can be tagged the same possess a batter chance of with regards to the similar variety.

I read more this forum anywhere, there is the right way to disable that " present similar" function at the end of the online video media… Just never utilised it myself, so undecided how it operates.

Thanks Webzarus

Which is what I believed too about f4v. I used to be snooping around inside the joomla back conclusion yesterday and identified the flash module segment. It had type 8 of flashplayer allowed. Version 9 had been there also and not selected.

1) How do you get flash type 11 into Joomla returning end flash module so Allow me to use it

2) Only move to the newer version can it affect as well as, since I include some moving gifs and also the video



Essentially, I think its the users pen player that is important… I don’t recognize joomla, but I are unable to imagine how a niche site could override what exactly is installed on a new users machine already…

Not just a big flash enthusiast either… But As well as have a purpose… Does the joomla command panel connect directly with like a joomla site WP can, as long as you then have a WP login, it’s integrated strait into the control panel where you possibly can download an my family install plugins directly into your set up..

Normally, that’s probably the question best asked in the joomla support site ( I’m assuming they’ve one ).

Flash should have no effect about animated gif data, they are 2 not the same and seperate things…

I’m thinking possibly your flash tool section is more to create sure the " value to call along with load the type of player can be correct"… I don’t believe it actually lots a flash player out of your site…

If you undertake a view reference… On a page using a swf or fla document embedded, you’ll view the < embed> tags setup to call the ball player or show the consumer a prompt to set up flash.

OK i’ll talke a glance at the HTML, I understand where you suggest.

You can guess that POST don’t reaaly determine what I’m doing, but I also thought it was more about your viewers flashplayer, thats why I will be surprised that slotting with f4v file when swf files once was in the Code didn’t work.

How would you really feel if I pasted your code here that you should look at



What Flash video player are you using (embedded) with your website
Think about using FlowPlayer
http: //flowplayer. org/

if the video is inside. swf format, it really is now a Flash movie and what exactly has actually happened is your video has been embedded in the. swf file. That. swf file is just a container and if you still have the. fla file you possibly can edit the report with Flash Pro to things you require. In most circumstances, the video file is not directly uploaded for the flash file, nonetheless it is possible. If the. swf file will be playing the video and also the video file doesn’t exist in another folder, you have to use a zero cost tool like almost any video converter for you to reformat the record to. f4v or whatever you require

Thanks for any info. Below is a line of code from the HTML, so i guess We have shockwave flash embedded.

<span style="font-family: 'A

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