CMS or regular coded website?

CMS or even regular coded website

Make sure you help, I need a site that will get 500 pages, sounds alot however 470 if them might be of the same layout i. age. 1 page per product with photos and description, so a template that can be replicated 470 situations….

We’ve 2 conflicting parts of advice through 2 different web designers…

The very first is willing to create the website using regular coding after which it charge an hourly payment for coding this 470 pages (after MY PARTNER AND I provide the pictures and wording)…..

The second states that your CMS is the only most viable option and if we choose the html document way then I am a fool!

1. The CMS is much more expensive
2. The thought on the CMS scares me – My organization is not sure only want that much control in the site, I will likely ruin it!
A FEW. Once the business is ready to go I will not have access to time to put pages or make more than text/photo changes me personally anyway!
FIVE. I believe that i can buy a plan to help adjust basic text/photos for a html site…
FIVE. I also can’t get my head around the way the CMS functions… the quote POST received seems to involve for the 470 odd pages that i need, I might be adding them all on myself….. now how that is known would I understand how to title them properly in ways that google wants!!

Make sure you help, if am sooooo confused!

Bless you from fuzzledhead

Hey first away – CMS is the only most viable option for the potential. If you retain the services of a designer later in fact it i done via CMS – you’ll pay far much less for his time the way it is way better to update or even create new webpages. Also the CMS REALLY SHOULD BE FREE. There are numerous great quality CMS’s for free.

or make use of server side includes….

cms not now nor in the future will ever have the capacity to do what you’ll be able to by hand coding. the staement with regards to includes is the most effective way to go in this. just use vars to help automatically create links while in the nav and automate the actual include so your complete client has to do in the future is upload a good html file into a particular folder and also the name of your file becomes the name in the link and consist of.
php rocks.

not any offense intended.

While We would rather use includes, do you believe it is easier for someone with less html code or programming knowledge to start this Then they have got to know html and also some aspect if you don’t create a template that permits them to squeeze picture here, your text here, and so forth etc.

yes because following the structure is set up the client may use a cms for example dreamweaver to generate pages then include them. after all that’s the intended use on the cms, not in fact supplementing the developer but " taking care of the content" consequently cms. just make sure to are explicit inside your css naming so if they use inline css they should not clash as well as error out and let your customer know to apply inline css as long as they do use any kind of.

that would be the cms software.

with php it’s also possible to make the meta tags and titles like the file name or a minimum of simplify the practice, i doubt the designer having a cms are able to accomplish any desirable SEO as long as they rely on a cms for style.

Wow it’s like you tend to be all talking within another language!
A sizable point is, how the cms would price double what that html site will……….. is it worth every penny

I think just what exactly Dorky is getting down to – I could trust him most on this – could be that the HTML version shall be easier that you can manage, but you want a program : Dreamweaver specifically. Enable Dorky confirm that.


PHP is usually a programming language… it resides in your webhost server.

You will have one template with no photo and textual content on it.

You will have one file, being a text file an individual make using Notepad, that contains one
line for every photo. That brand has the picture filename, the explanation, and
whatever else about the picture. That file gets saved with the other
HTML pages you will have.

The PHP script unwraps that file in addition to reads however many lines you would like it to read,
and can exhibit them one at this time, or in virtually any order. It puts the photo plus text
onto your web theme and sends it towards the user’s browser (as an online page).

The only thing you have to do is add your photos right into a directory and
edit that text message file (adding the latest line for every photo). There will anymore
websites… the PHP script demonstrates them " dynamically" for the person using the positioning.

As much as SEO goes, while someone views a photo (or product) that URL will
appear while in the browser address looking like this:
http: //www. mysite. comp=245
The title distinct the web page is the title of a person’s product.

I do not think that’s a problem with Google.

That you’re absolutely correct.

Emma…. PM me about it.
I’ll return to it later this afternoon.

i hate to express it but oversimplifying this will not only produce the desired results because of this client as they should compete with a great number of other giant e-stores. downplaying that is a recipe for malfunction. there are a great number of aspects like excellent seo and scalability including other 30 web pages mentioned, that will become an emergency if not accounted regarding early on in the process. leaving the clientele spending more money later on to fix precisely what gets broken from the beginning. i don’t consider they came here to be given an uncomplicated answer or spoken into hiring one of us. no felony intended. thats all we’ve for this thread. thx.


I’d prefer to get more info from Emma.
Not to work for the woman, but to receive sime good more private information
which could help her (them) complete a good decision.
I need to learn things about Plastic card merchants, etc.

ok i be aware that but my main concern was oversimplifying anything from the outset of a task. im sure you’re certain the importance of their more so then i.

pricing and e-commerce advice can by taken care of by an add utility and storing in a very db relative in order to file name in the process. just fyi

Hello guys,
I came here simply for good old fashioned information…..
We’ve 2 local providers here. one of which I might be working with, however and often see they tend to be both recommending differnet elements….. obviously each ones are pushing their advice which can be biased…… so Needed an unbiased thoughts and opinions, as I don’t know which way to turn!
: cross-eyed:

Thoughts and opinions is biased. Narrow models look great it is spelled entirely more advanced than fact.

CMS suppliers will tout this CMS. That’s their own opinion. There is good reasoning to be made.

What’s missing the following is neither firm 1) Produced a purpose for the site. 2) Learned the maximum amount of about their buyer as what we were holding selling 3) Got any discoverable worry than construction and technology.

To put it differently, they saw you from a mile off.

You don’t have a content system. Nor do an individual — or, coming from appearances, does either firm — possess the slightest notion that field of online visual merchandising is available.

Nor does any belonging to the discussion center around who’s planning to do the changing, what the customers expect through the site, or an entire list of dysfunctions that will fairly shout this can not end well in your case.

Your two companies didn’t answer this question for you very well. About the only thing the CMS does (this is usually a swipe at the primitive state of website development today) is force-shield you from making that type of mistake.

There are a login. The web firm includes a different login.

Once they login in making use of their Administrator levels password and name, they see something extra complicated than what you are going to. You will use a different user name and password.

What you’ll discover is something not unlike the online community post window you saw whenever you made your submit here. That’s each of the control you get – text in addition to possibly a shot upload. You may bold text, italicize, perhaps indent and result in a bullet list. But your CMS user interface has no additional tactics.

I accustomed to train users for having a CMS. Took about you half hour for the slowest user.

You imagine correctly. This program is a code and markup editor and means that you can Be A Blog Developer. That means mucking with all the code and possessing complete control, with one small mistake make page unreadable.

… You will need to buy technical guides…. You will troubleshoot a lot of technical bugs who have zero related to making your enterprise successful…. You will are inclined to view business problems from the standpoint of what ones limited technical knowledge enables you to do rather as compared with what makes essentially the most money.

Many people have regarded as irrelevant technical achievements as major work because it’s and so difficult and consumes a lot of your occasion.

And that’s the reason why the CMS is costlier — the very same reason a finished airplane cost more than a kit. A CMS is usually a finished vehicle you will get in and generate. Neither will show you where you must go.

You ought to focus on world wide web merchandising. Not one of the most primitive aspects of website construction. This virtually rules out both firm.

To put it differently, that you get such basic questions more or less means you’ve been addressing code monkeys exactly who, if they ever met a customer or had selling, their heads would certainly explode. This bodes ill — irrespective of which you choose. <br

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