coding serverside? new to html/css

i am doing fine in making nice searching sites (html/css) but only add… say like a " sign-up" page which has a form.. it don’t be functional could it.. without serverside programming to create a database of members uncertain how that succeeds.. what im after would be to limit all pages (except site and sign-up page) for you to members only. or at least please take a sign-up page just to consider customers. so definately not i have mastered.. the functionality of this sign-up page wont work until its on a server. so will the hosting company manage that or must i need to program code it sorry, im a noob to that, just trying to be familiar with how it operates, so i is capable of doing it or study what i want to know so i is able to do it. ty earlier for your assistance.

Like within your other post (the other thread you started), you’ll need to learn PHP
or maybe Perl… server-side scripting ‘languages’. PHP is hottest, and tons regarding online
series (search using Google).

thank you so much, i used to be learning python previous to i learned html code & css, i suppose i will get busy finding out something useful for web page design.. lol. ty so much. so you feel " PHP" is the best place to begin then no espresso, asp, and the many others that may possibly apply

PHP only because you can find so much info available online,
message boards, tutorials, script good examples, etc. I guess if you’re into
Windows Servers, you would certainly go the ASP path.

ANY programming language is beneficial, just to learn how the
products work. The move, the use with variables, arrays, sources, etc.

Once you understand a language (even C++ is a great one), you’ll pick-up other languages rapidly.

kool. but are house windows servers prominent in the real world i’d like to make money so we need to go with whatever is most prominent around.

Don’t worry if you’re aware of the logic behind programming and good throughout understanding them
You won’t find any difficulty in mastering any of laptop computer language.

yea, i have learned an overview in Python in the past. ty so much for ur reviews. appreciate it.

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