ColdFusion Calendar Days

Hello all, I’m doing a project for any class. In the project I intent to make a calendar that may have appointments included by logged inside users and indicate which days and times can be found for appointments. I’m having some trouble trying to figure out how to link the days right now. Anyone have just about any ideas on how you can do that

I’ll start by nevertheless we don’t do homework for people (students).

But you can easliy offer hints or methods to a " specific" question about the code.

What have you got so far, and therefore are you using a few pre-existing code with regard to ColdFusion

I don’t expect people to do my hw personally. I just need help determining how to link dates on a calendar. I don’t find out cold fusion valued at crap and we have only a week to start this. It’s basically me the other other guy since the other guy in the web design piece of my team doesn’t do anything at all. I’m actually suppose to be the networking chap, but like I said the other guy wont carry out anything. I’m confused what my companion has, he said he doesn’t know scorching to link your dates though and asked basically could help him learn how. Neither folks are really web design guys, hes at the tables design field. In anycase, all I have is to understand how to link dates in coldfusion on the calendar.

Have you got anything online given that we can see
Example the work schedule displayed and what should really happen

not currently, we aren’t employing any online computers. Were using community servers as we don’t have the money to pay for a real type of CF.

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