Combination, Ideas?

I’m planning to make a web page, but I’m possibly not 100% of what I want to do, I’d like to partner up with Few other designs or novices get started on up a internet site, I’d be willing to help pay your server costs, and wish to be head designer/owner if at all possibly, I want the positioning to be hosted and directed at the UK, I’m not only a pro, but im not only a noob either, consequently anybody, good or bad could participate in, post back in case your interested, or please take an idea.

Not really sure types of website / company (if any) your wanting. To often be honest, it could be your best guarantee to just build it yourself or perhaps hire someone to generate it for you instead of partner up having 2-3 people. Things get seriously complicated when that a great many people are jogging one site. If your considering making a company with this site than the also splitting the profits Three or four ways.
Custom Website Designer
Manager of Vivid Personalized Websites
In Tulsa, Oklahoma

I’d be willing to make a website on you.
My organization is looking for operate anyways. If you’re wanting to discover ways to program and that is certainly what the total purpose is as well, I can achieve that to.
But You want some more element.
When you are looking to make a web design how does a person team up with other designers to make websites for individuals, then we is capable of doing that to.
But being a equal team person, you are expected to do the same number of work.
Okay know what you actually mean, and mail me at torchprodgmail. com or even send me your PM
Just one is fine. Plus thanks much.

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