Complex Rss aggregation

Hey everyone,

I’m searching for just a service or program that will allow me to selectively aggregate rss feeds into one feed.
By this I mean I want to subscribe to multiple rss rss feeds, and select personal posts / subject matter to forward to at least one output feed.

If anyone knows of the right way to accomplish this accomplish similar results, any help could well be greatly appriciated.

Thanks a great deal!

You may use PHP to take hold of RSS feeds after which you can you do whatever you choose with the records.
Give us a directory of some feeds you want to use. Selecting individual posts will probably be harder
because the feeds change everyday. It’s easy purchase the 3 hottest posts (for example),
but to locate a particular post might be tough.

We’ve done this along with asp ( along with some success ), by dumping the actual feeds I grab proper MySQL DB, after which you can for my productivity, I would question the DB influenced by my search standards…

Will depend on the feeds youre pulling and how often the data changes…

Ideally… For accuracy with your search results… You will have to not only push the rss provides nourishment to but any of which fit the considerations, at least the primary hundred words or so belonging to the article and put them in the DB…

My verizon prepaid phone runs ( or even did run ) each 15 minutes… Ran like no bodies business for like Six months… Then some belonging to the sites started changing their Rss structures ( another issue on this method ), and Thought about to go transform my update / embed statements…

Likewise, the feeds on their own are controlled with the author. Some put Every one of the text (content)
in feeds, others only feed the primary 200 characters and you should click a url to
see the remaining portion of the feed. It’s hit as well as miss on how there’re done, and when Webzarus says, they
change suddenly.

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