Confused about creating so many CSS rules for this…

http: //www. layersmagazine. com/dreamweaver-navigation-bar-css. html
To ensure the tutorial at the link above describes making a nav bar. We are curious, why is there a need to produce 3 rules to complete this (#navbar ul, #navbar ul li, & #navbar ul li a) when it looks like it could be done available as one, maybe 2
May someone help my family, or point me to your website that explains what that is definitely all for
MY SPOUSE AND I guess I’m as well then asking, how do i know when We would like to create your css rule for something Can the idea be explained easily

Those are various parts of a section…

< div id=" navbar" >
< ul>
< li>
< the href=… >
< /a>
< /li>
< ul>
< /div>

Consider it as " nested tags".

It is possible to specifically do diverse things within each one tag, but for you to let the browser
know what kind you’re talking about, you need to work your way with from the
" div id" tag to the one you’re impacting on.

Should you only specify this particular far, #navbar ul
everything within those can take-on his guidelines.

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