Constructing website for small business. New to web design.

Hi there,

I want to develop a website for your small business that looks professional. I want to understand what basic principles of website development languages I need to pay attention to to create a page exactly like the ones listed on this subject link:

http: //dzineblog. com/2008/03/10-websites-that-use-javascript-animation-effectively. html

What I’m keen on about these websites is they are very attractive graphically, and that is my main concentration. I don’t have any server-side programming for your website, because I will not be needing user input or credit-based card information at the actual moment. I would simillar to to know what I should try to learn to create a graphically user-friendly site that consumers might read for information in the company.

I am baffled about whether I want knowledge of Display or JavaScript for a majority of these websites. I’m new to the internet site, and would appreciate help beginning steps.

With thanks,

Jolly Wolf

Well my mate, if you dont wish any input’s at the moment, as i could see the first web site dibusoft. com functions XHTML/CSS & JQuery. I can let you know about the menu you can download it, it is free just yahoo it, its known as lava lamp palate and its totally customizable. Im not sure about the underneath menu content package but im certain that uses JQuery! Anything else is XHTML & CSS so eather way you might want to learn XHTML/CSS as a minimum…

Just Ask If you’d like Something Else…

You may find a totally free CSS template (search Google) plus use that as a starting point.
Build off from the that in your own graphics along with content.

You’ll need server-side scripting (like PHP) to generate the content and
navigation easy to transform. If your client decides they need to edit text
independantly, you’ll need that there too. Even something as basic as displaying
the present year on the footer copyright particular date… that’s PHP very.

Download a free of charge CSS template… picking a template that you want and play
around by using it. Use Google to evaluate some tutorials or types of CSS, XHTML,
and PHP. Learn by means of doing. Ask questions here in case you get stuck.

Thanks a lot for your content gentlemen.

I’ve started learning WEB CODING and CSS by simply downloading free CSS world wide web templates, and breaking lower the code with Dreamweaver by playing using the actions of every single selector. I today understand it much better, especially the place, float, border, and margin properties.

Please make yourselves readily available for my questions, I’m trying hard.: common:

I’ve been thinking about joining a legitimate club, so I could talk with persons in real-time, but I don’t know when there is such a thing without using the local university.

With thanks again!!!!

On your local institution, put up a notice for the " community bulletins board" asking
to get one-on-one programming aid, or start your club… I think it’s a good idea.

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