contact form

might anyone give me html and php speak to form codes

http: //www. yahoo. com/searchq=php contact variety tutorials

Take your go for of 69 million of these.

can anyone give me unique codes alreade written…

Look at these:
PHP based email contact form

Risk-free your HTML phone form using captcha


We’re not endeavoring to be jerks concerning this.
Everyone haven’t told all of us anything…

What the form fields will be
Exactly what fields need validation
File attachments
What are the results to the mode (file it, as well as email it)
Collection involved
Captcha involved

How are we speculated to make you a questionnaire,
and why will need to we spend any time when you
have provided no effort with your part


http: //www. html-form-guide. com/php-form/php-form-tutorial. web coding.

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