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Hi everyone,

I am interested in a script just like the one on www. newspapertree. com, specifically the script exhibited within the " More Articles" section near the middle/bottom of this page.

When you rollover the article title, additional content is definitely revealed (in your pretty neat sliding animation I would add). When I rollover yet another article title inside the same section, additional content is revealed as the other content is then hidden once again.

Trying to find a valid and clean solution (obviously: ichatwink, but I’ll take what I will get.

Just about any ideas Thanks.
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I have no idea of of something pre-built, but animations in this way are relatively easy using Scriptaculous: http: //script. aculo. us/

Thanks for the scripts- Let me definitely examine them. I might try building anything myself.

Any ideas before I make an effort to take this upwards

Am not quite sure what you will be after as nothing did actually happen on my own computer!!!! However, feel free to use a css image gallery form of effect to find pictures and/or text appearing within a specified place onthe page after you hover (overwriting what’s there when you choose) and then disappearing whenever you cease hovering.


Thankfully its a little vanilla implementation of MooTools and when using the MT More plug-ins Accordian and also Slide, plus just a little DHTML/CSS for the actual slight fade consequence. I wrote up an effective version, and located it on the site: http: //dev. ungus. com/accord-news-menu/

It is like theres, this just needs a few serious stylin’

Let me know if and this you were looking for or need every help. Just holler.


Ungus, and this I was interested in. I appreciate your current help everyone.


Great! I’m glad that worked for you personally and I desire it’s cleaned enough that you could polish it way up nice.

A fantastic little add-on for Firefox is: https: //addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/10083

" Detects what javascript libraries are used on the present page and displays the actual result as icons with detailed tooltips inside the statusbar. "

As opposed to digging through someones overly organized folder structure that’s 12 levels serious.


WHEN I appreciate your help Ungus, that will always make a great ad-on. I would make a number of tweaks, but rather than the content and layout with the dt’s/dd’s, the animation/action works like a charm. It’s functional plus stylish.

If only this WordPress support forums had this response (haha).

Actually ungus, maybe you are able to bail me out and about again. I possess a plugin (Slimbox 2) of which utilizes mootools. by. js. The problem is using booth mootools about my site/page creates a JavaScript problem. They are around different folders.

I know very little JavaScript, so I’m hoping the good news is quick fix that we am unaware of.

Listed below are the two data files:
http: //www. richardsapien. com/mootools1. js
http: //www. richardsapien. com/mootools. by. js

Can there be anyway around this Thanks for ones help.

Hi Hoods,

Sorry with the late reply, busy day for your Friday.. ugh.

Slimbox makes use of jQuery, that purposes the a changing called $; hence does MooTools (as do others). So conflicts everywhere.

The particular quick fix is definitely after you’re executed using Slimbox, you will get jQuery release its reference for the ‘$’ variable, after which MooTools is free to run.

Hence once you’re carried out using Slimbox, put the snippet involving code below following it:

< script>
jQuery. noConflict();
< /script>

Keep as their intended purpose, if you apply Slimbox again, or something else of which uses jQuery, many people wont work. There may be another somewhat very simple way around this specific too. I can provide you with how to handle that scenario if you need.

http: //dev. ungus. com/accord-news-menu-conflicts/

http: //dev. ungus. com/accord-news-menu-conflicts/accord-news-menu-conflicts. zip

When you have it so you will be using both with and off through-out your script (which will be most common thing). Let me know, and I have a better implementation due to this.



No problem- I know how that is going. I wish I really could use that (looks as a breeze), but my websites aren’t even managing Slimbox (the script is merely being called inside the header) and My organization is having problems. The page is really groggy and the 2 scripts are dysfunctional (we find out that).

You can examine the page here if you would like, just use UN: ungus PW: check
http: //www. professionaldevelopment101. com/bcc.

Is there any changes I can make to possess them run coincidentally Make sure you hook me up that has a Paypal address or even donate link. Thought about appreciate your help.

I will always be turning the script on/off at all hours to work on the website. Let me know whenever you have the booth scripts installed and operating. Thank you!

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