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I’ve a gallery beautifully made with thumbnails in the most common manner. When an individual ‘clicks’ a thumbnail a brand new page opens considering the image at it’s full size.

I currently open the fresh window and center it on the page concurrently as making it has the size fit the image exactly.

What I’d like to know is if this is certainly bad practice. I am aware that most people hate pop-up windows appearing edited in particular ways i. electronic auto maximised. However I feel in my example its accetpable.

What don’t you think

Any comments could be appreciated.

For accessibility, best practise is usually to have the pop-up top left of the screen as the user will normally go through left to right, top to base. Someone with poor eyesight would possibly not notice the pop-up if it suddenly appears from the center when they may be expecting it top left.

Some users adjust the text size for their browser, and then raise the window size if it doesn’t fit. Make sure your current window will in good shape the contents in the event the text size is increased, or allow users to modify the window dimension.

Make sure the pop-up works without Javascript however putting a href tag for the link and also onClick for javascript.

See here for your method I employ:
http: //www. rhonddacynontaff. com/galleryalbum. aspSection=207& Ref=13

Click the little thumbnail (below the slideshow) to view the pop ” up “.

Thanks Paul. That looks brilliant and I had never considered what sort of user would understand left to appropriate, top to base before.

I will change the page and see if any of my users discuss it!!

Thanks a lot

Everyone could have their own strategies and opinions about accessibility, but that’s what exactly I found works to me.

Actually most of the people don’t like popup at all and have many software install that will block them. Be aware which the site might not work in the least for numerous people. If you may make the site without banking on popups then that would be a distinct advantage.


You make the valid point but I do believe that most sites use a new window (pop-up) to be able to display images in relation to a Gallery.

The design of the page is greatly restricted if you should allow room for just a image that may be as big as the page itself. Then you may have to consider sacrificing some quality from the image to cut down its size for you to accomodate the internet page.

This can be a tricky one and I am going to look at each of the options open to me. Obviously the final result must be one that suits the user the very best!!!

If you utilize a href tag as opposed to a Javascript onclick then it will most likely not get recognised as being a pop up, but a typical link instead. Only problem is the fact you can’t control the dimensions of the windowpane using that system. However there is a work around.

Inside pop up window (which you made employing a href), you will surely have some javascript of which resizes the window AFTER these have loaded.

The majority of gallery sites do try a popup to showcase the enlargement. But that would not mean it’s enjoying a to do. I’ve yet to believe of a justified reason why galleries should want to do this. It’s as if photographers do not have back buttons. In my own ring gallery sites, you’ll find no popups. The enlargement opens inside same browser window as well as the user then important the thumnail website link or uses the rear button. Seems more intuative than having a great deal of windows popup and having to find the close button on all of them.

I’ve often see people browsing and getting confused by target=" blank". The click the back button and next to nothing happens. " why can’t I go back. " I then must explain that a new window has opened and they need to close it. It is expected that the result of a click is a new page within the current window. When you’re away form this norm, you need to have a good purpose.


After looking at one of the sites listed at the bottom of your meaning (Stylegallery. co. uk) I noticed the easiest way that I have not seen before. This page demonstrates the ‘big’ image within the page and utilizes a pop-up to the gallery selection. I quite such as this approach but woud it solve the difficulty.

All things considered it does open a brand new window. Which in turn is centered. Then it fades away which would confuse exactly the same people that get confused by way of new window best. Instead of while using Gallery navigation button to open a brand new window, they is going to be looking for the window they need already opened. Unaware that experts agree it is closed for these people.

I still such as method that Stylegallery. corp. uk uses and think that you’ll never fully accomdate all the users all of the time.

The menu isn’t actually on the separate window. It’s simply a layer that is definitely hidden and un-hidden if you click. So it’s a part of the same internet page. It’s the same kind of effect as can often be used on dropdown/popup menus with a mouseover. I just utilized an onclick and as an alternative to mouseover. Had MY SPOUSE AND I positioned the food selection directly under the gallery button, you wouldn’t possess thought twice to sort it out.

It wouldn’t be suitable that can put your enlargements in a layer like which becaues, since it’s all a part of one page, all this downloads as a single. So the a person’s page would contain all the thumbs and all the enlargements making the total size too significant.

Look into some of our other site
http: //www. photas. com/exhib/ This is run on similar backend as stylegallery but it’s a few various features (e. h. thumbs on leading page rather than one large picture. )

http: //www. interactivecreations. corp. uk/concepts/exp_gallery/ Still simply a trial layout. Best viewed throughout Firefox – you’ll find known bugs inside IE.

http: //www. splodgy. com/modules/xoopsgallery/view_album. phpset_albumName=Tiling-Textures The following one’s just your bog standard gallery script form gallery. sourceforge. com. No popup extept intended for admin.


I like the type and layout of the site (http: //www. photas. com/exhib). I’m also a significant fan of what sort of images appear for the page.

Dut to my deficiency of web design experience We were obviously unaware that it was a layer and not a pop-up.

This adds up now that you could have explained it to my opinion.

I will be using your internet site as inspiration to find out and use

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