Converting .mov to .flv, server side?

Hello there,

I’m working for your client who would choose to add the flexibility to upload videos for their website through that CMS we designed them.

The clips will probably be uploaded as. mov files after which you can I need in order to convert them to help. flv during the particular upload process.

Trouble is I don’t know how to do this and the additional I look in to it the more this reveals we’re not going every single child do it. I’ve found various packages which will do it, but I do not think I can work with them with our shared hosting balances. I think this would be perfect, but I are deprived of the rights to setup it – http: //www. sothinkmedia. com/flash-vi… x/download. htm.

So being honnest I’ve kinda arrive at the conclusion that it is not going to always be possible. But wanting to know if anyone features any ideas

It is really quite possible. I’ve written software twice that really does it completely server-side (*nix).

Basically, use some creatively-constructed command-line quarrels to ffmpeg: http: //www. ffmpeg. org/. I’d probably violate a strong NDA or some thing with more details though the gist of it’s use ffmpeg to consider the. mov (or whatever) file and specify an output format associated with. flv.

exactly what fibs suggested can be good, but why should you convert on upload you will want to just convert them upload first of all that came to my mind once i saw this thread was Adobe Storage devices Encoder.

FFmpeg is what you want. Best media encoder Truly ever used. You can do a simple PHP shell exec to telephone the encoding one time the file is definitely uploaded.

I’m going to ought to be honest here, I looked at the ffmpeg site, downloaded the information and was wholly confused.

That’s not to imply I’m not prepared to go to the trouble to sit straight down and work them out. But prior to I do, can I only ask if I’m going every single child do this using a bog-standard shared internet hosting account, or can i need more privileges than I have

Diddy – Yep I completly agree, that’s the smart choice, if it was a site I was doing for myself that may be what I’d do. But I’m endeavoring to make it any one-step operation for person who knows nothing at all.

ffmpeg should be compiled; last time period I checked, hd have binary editions, just an SVN trunk regarding source code. Your host might be capable of install it via repositories the THE GW990 provides, but ffmpeg is better when compiled out of source (supports more formats that way).

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