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Yea so i’m making a web site. I would generate the images me but my Mac crashed hence the school admin set it up an older mac pc and well, the item sucks – realy sucks. Once i try to create a gradient fill it will eventually take three minutes just to do that.

Thats why we would like some free photos. So do any one know any great background images 1024 times 768 which fits a dark made up website with 80% see-thorugh black content packing containers with white typoghrapy Please post a connect to the image

– Thanks in advance.

Whats your blog What does it deal with
To get a notion on the species of Theme.
You can also do a Search on google for Images
" Darkish Background Image 1024 x 768"

I’m always collecting cool textures for used in BGs, etc.

Here’s some of my links:

http: //www. textureking. com/
http: //www. greepit. com/2009/04/12/60-beautiful-high-resolution-texture-collection/
http: //www. smashingmagazine. com/2009/02/06/100-beautiful-free-textures/
http: //webdesignledger. com/freebies/29-most-useful-texture-packs-of-2008
http: //webdesignledger. com/freebies/30-most-incredible-textures-for-vintage-style-design
http: //webdesignledger. com/freebies/40-beautiful-patterns-and-textures-for-ornate-backgrounds
http: //webdesignledger. com/freebies/80-fresh-new-textures-for-creating-web-site-backgrounds
http: //www. greepit. com/2009/04/12/60-beautiful-high-resolution-texture-collection/

Thx ,
Im making site to get a group of pen game developers.

This can be a good concept to be able to post images in the background but the important thing that everyone should remember is that the particular text written around the screen and your background image need to be relevant, it ensures that anyone can could possibly get a clear idea within the site by just thinking about the design with the site, so if your background image takes time to load subsequently the visitor can understand within the image by just thinking about the text.. so we are able to say that there really should be a good relationship between the text written to the screen and the background image…

gah make, take the fun right beyond it lmao.

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