Creating a banner that changes when a new page loads.

Hello there all. I’m endeavoring to accomplish exactly what the title pronounces. I have all banners but currently only 1 loads. First question is where should i put the computer code or script. Should i place the code in a very separate file or could it be placed in the particular head Also, could someone point me closer to where to look for the code

And also to the posters exactly who gave advice with my last publish, I was in a position to solve the issue with the site’s pages hanging. The last creator left some the search engines script scattered throughout the site’s pages that is not being utilized for anything. Going in and deleting that useless code resolved the situation.

Thanks before hand for any counselling.

Do you wish the banners to be able to load randomly
As well as, maybe you can show what the names of the banner files are usually,
and how utilised together load…

It becomes done using PHP, so will be name of your primary page " index. php"

Thanks for responding. The actual banner names are usually " banner1024x140", " banner1024x140-2", " banner1024x140-3", " banner1024x140-4". Along with yes, they would likely load randomly. Likewise, my homepage is an html file. Basically, the entire internet site is html. Was I to suppose html cannot handle this

I also wish the banner being linked back into the homepage.


Also, I assume you’re a professional on web design. From your expertise, what’s the greatest file extension to utilize for web pages in the site Is functionality limited with code

No, WEB CODING can’t handle the item. PHP can, and JavaScript can too. Only problem with JavaScript is if the customer has it disabled, no random banner.

I figured some Javascript might need to be placed into the documents. This script could well be placed in the actual " Head", proper

Just which means you know, I pretty new to web development. The other poster knows this but I’m allowing you to know in event this question appears elementary.

You choose to do have another PHP selection.

Knowing how to use your. htaccess file, you can push the server to
process your. html and. htm data as PHP. Discomfort you can use
PHP scripting with your. html files (without changing file extensions).

http: //www. yahoo. com/searchhl=en&… btnG=Google Search& cts=1239642989361& aq=f& oq=.

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