Creating a navbar with buttons built into the background?

Iv been attempting to create a navbar using the buttons already about the background rather than inserting them ostentatious later, reason being usually I want make use of an enmbossing effect in photoshop to create the buttons seem to be set into navbar.

Can anyone tell me if you experience a way with inserting an invisible picture or box powering the navbar which can often anchor the website to


If there are a background image, you may place a totally transparent image over
your background (instead with behind it). That image is usually a 1 X 1 pixel that is certainly white,
with all the transparent color fixed to white… next save as. gif

In which case you use that image and squeeze desired size and put over this background.

Instance, my 1 a 1 image is called " pixel. gif"

< some sort of href=" http: //www. google. com" > < img src=" pixel. gif" width=" 30" height=" 15" alt=" " /> < /a>


Option 2,
Buy a normal picture and " Map" them using HTML impression mapping.
http: //www. javascriptkit. com/howto/imagemap. shtml

I like like the " pixel. gif" idea better when you could make change images
to build button effects making use of Javascripting.

Thats handy thank you. I haven’t started to find out Java script yet but will endure your advice planned when i accomplish.

Bless you again.

Anyone who wants to secure a 1×1 transparent pixel very easily,
without needing to create it oneself, go here: http: //www. catpin. com/pixel. code.

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