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Hello everyone,

I am down the middle of re-designing my business’ website. I have some website development experience but have been out from the web design scene for some time now. The basic layout for the site is full, and now I am trying to figure out how to find the content on there that i want.

What You want is an Personnel Profiles page. I don’t need to write the profiles into the HTML of the page since that may not be very easily editable. I’m hoping there is some way I can set this ” up ” so that in the future, adding and removing employees through the page can be quite easy, perhaps similar to setting up a blog entry

I’ve looked into wordpress slightly and am owning a test installation today, but am confused if it’s competent to achieve the simplicity I’m searching for.

Any suggestions is much appreciated!

How much do you know about PHP as well as MySQL

I need ideas of a lot about them, but enough to have around. I’ve setup sites many in years past where I’ve installed at build php message panels to display a news feed on a site.

This is just like what I’m hoping to undertake, but I don’t need to use a message board whose only purpose is always to display content about my page, especially since I’m doing more of these for my boss and the just seems a little bit hokey.

I started looking at opensource content direction systems but I don’t know which one to work with for my wants, or if that’s even the top bet. Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to run a few as well as try em available. But any suggestions to steer me while in the right direction will be great and possibly save me major time.

I’ve got the right formula…
Something I’ve used just before, and it’s uncomplicated to customize.

http: //php-login-script. com/

You have to create a MySQL consideration and database,
then create a savings fund provided SQL to build the table. I added
extra fields, such like a " user_level", so I could truthfully have admin
people and " normal" users.

It’s really a script that requires the latest user to test their email and
validate it before they may be " fully registered". Additionally uses Re-Captcha.

You then try a PHP SESSIONS script on top of any page that will needs
to be protected… " customers pages only". Every single user can update their
own profile too once they wish.

This isn’t a content operations system (CMS). It truly is only the member’s program part.

I only need one person kid add/delete employee profiles. This might be me, but nonetheless our boss specifically requested that people set up a simple way to start this, without having any kind of HTML knowledge.

Use it anyhow, but don’t check out it from anyplace.
Through the admin page, you may create new clients too.

I mention with it anyhow because I recognize from experience that will " a boss"
changes their minds once they see what may be possible. It spins different ideas in
their own heads. You’ll be a stride ahead because you have already it installed.

Solely enable, and show them just as much as they need to find out.

Wordpress is what you want.

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