Creating Google Search Box

Developing Google Seek out Box

Hi just about all,

I’d choose to know how do i create when you search box in my webpage that searches through my websites content and definitely not google
My site may be a long web-site and I need that the visitors to look for my site’s information and not online or alternative site.By way of example, if We’ve a list along at the top involving my site just like a B C D AGE F…UNCES, the UNCES appears at the bottom of my personal page.So, if visitors write in the search box the Z letter, I want them to be shown the Z letter on the bottom involving my internet page.

Any help would be very valued.

Thank you

I am confused if this is 100% in line with what you are looking at but you need to check the following link.It could help everyone:

It is actually programming things.


A href=#XYZ

some goes like this one..

Quote:< tr> < td width=200 height=25 valign=" center" > < variety method=" GET" action=" /search.php" > < enter type=" text" name=" sSearchTerm" value=" " width=20> < ENTER type=image VALUE=" Search" name=btnG src=" /images/menu_search_box_button.jpg" > < /form> < /td> < /tr>

to add, you may use this

Advanced Custom Search engine optimization management

In the beginning Posted by way of sufi My organization is not convinced if this really is 100% according to what you are looking at but it is best to check this specific link.It could help everyone: .

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