Is there any free on the web tutorials that make clear style sheets, especially positioning in css, within plain english w3c can be completey useless.

Wow what a harsh statement! I believe W3C’s tutorials tend to be great… try such (other than W3C regarding course)

POST figured it away myself. Thanks, even though.

the biggest problums i have with the courses at w3 schools is always that they go to slow as well as to fast. Other tutorials grant you check points which you go through however w3 schools does this it is only the blog titles. W3 schools is ok if you need to brush up and also are ok which has a technology and are sharpening further the skills which you will want in it. The best eay ihave found though to learn about a new technology is usually to look in a book as they usually have a lot more detailed information.
(sorry about posting in the dead topic ).

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