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i was curious all the sites you see out there offering website that anyone make and handle yourself. Are they employing a program or a new script or some sort of CMS
Homestead. com for example what’s it actually using and how is he or she making it hence simple that actually someone who knows nothing about website design can make along with maintain there own website

Sure, it’s called CMS (content supervision system), but it actually can go
a tad further than that will. They might include some WYSIWYG editors that allow a
user to insert quite a few HTML stuff, with no knowing HTML. That falls right different
class than plain text content editing.

So make website and managing content are definitely two different items.

You’ll have to decide the amount of control the end-user features over their internet site.

Next, the idea regarding hosting other peoples’ websites may be a whole different theme.

okay well what we need is this and maybe there is some sort of program out there in this way.
I already host many peoples websites what we need is something which is more like a WYSIWYG to the user when they sign in to edit at this time there site as none of them know any scripting what exactly so ever. So you want something where someone who knows nothing about website design can try it out and edit right now there site by themselfs with little knowledge of understanding how that works maybe more of the drag and decrease or something that will let me enter by myself templates that they’ll easily change to produce their own site away from what is aready presently there.
Is there something like this or approximately this you are sure of of

That is going to be a enormous script.
I can’t imagine there are anything like it for nothing, and even using that,
you’ll need a lot of customizing to help it become work how we want.

I guess you’ll have to wait and see if anyone has seen something like this.
I’m almost no of an pro on WYSIWYG editors.

They could possibly be using this course to let this users have their particular site and losing headaches using html code codes and javascripts.

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