Dark/Gothic/Evil Themed Inspiration

Heya guys,

I doubt that this is a rare or odd request but My business is currently working on a pet project for a few friends of my verizon prepaid phone who run your roleplay game and We are looking for quite a few Dark/Gothic/Evil Themed Inspiration to the site My goal is to create. The intended theme in question can be Vampires and I have seen very virtually no even moderately decent websites relating to such subject make a difference.

So I am hoping that a handful of people here could show a few web pages for inspiration.

Cheers in advance,

http: //templates. entheosweb. com/Halloween-& -Gothic. asp
http: //www. dotcomwebdesign. com/Free-Website-Templates-Section-2: Gothic
http: //themebot. com/website-templates/e107-themes/798-gothic-3
http: //www. templatemonster. com/authors/vampire

With thanks a million Diddy,

There are one or two nice ones involving that group but it really is hard I get to find quality looking dark/gothic made up sites LOL

But thanks for your help.

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