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My organization is currently working over a DJ’s website. He wants to have a listing of music available on the site, is there a way to take an shine in life spreadsheet and create a searchable and scrollable report on music in his collection We were thinking it might be able to be done through php.

I’ll describe the method, but getting there is certainly another story.

1) He by now has an excel spreadsheet with all the list that comprises of,
7steps, artist, album, yr, keywords, description, plus any codes that identify the album.

2) The stand out file gets saved being a. csv (Comma Seperated Variable) style file.


3) About the webhost, a MySQL data source is created that can contain all melodies.

4) Its own PHP script manufactured that takes that. csv file and populates the data source.
That is only used Once… to get the excel data in to the online MySQL data source.

5) An PHP admin page is manufactured so any future songs is usually uploaded to the database,
extra, deleted, edited, and so forth.

6) A PHP script that accesses the internets database and exhibits information.
Demonstrates by querying that database, searches, sets, albums, keywords, and so forth.

All of this will likely take major time to program and build the system.


Another idea could be to take an present script system and also install it, next customize it
for your own use. This will in addition take time as well as programming experience.

This might end up being a good starting point:
http: //www. google. com/searchq=free php mysql tunes database& hl=en& sa=2

Thanks for the reply, looks like this can be a little more intricate than I concept. I’ll have trend further into it.

PHP CSV-to-MySQL importer:

http: //www. codewalkers. com/c/a/Database-Code/PHP-CSV-Importer-20/.

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