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I have two questions re also: deprecated tags.

1) Does anyone know after they won’t work yeast infection I’m assuming that should the changeover occurs, all sites will have to be made having CSS and XML

2) Should the changeover occurs, will it always be possible to utilize tables for design, or will many people be deprecated too

Thanks completely in advance.

CSS3/HTML5 – xml will never be for internet browser rendering. it is intended and Invaluable as a info transport(feed). you can say for certain the term " back compatibility" i wouldn’t be concerned to much about support ending unless you are writing large scripts you will want to use for more then a couple of years.

There is no date set and it will not be one unified time. It will might depend on what the browser developers choose to phase out no longer support. However, that doesn’t mean deprecated tags should be used. Things improve and so accomplish web standards.

By scripts does one mean, e. g., javascript

Thanks very much.

or php. anything you will spend a range of time developing.

Actually I can think of tons of deprecated aspects but I can’t imagine very many which were truly " phased away. " It might happen, it might never happen. I noticed the actual HTML5 spec provides said the font tag may be deprecated. Well I do think it was originally deprecated around a decade ago when HTML 5 & CSS were introduced into the web.

With something similar to tables. They say don’t utilize them for basic layout purposes, they’re built pertaining to tabular data but while they will often have specific use linked to them, they’re certainly not deprecated from owning one use or perhaps another. Your layouts must be safe.

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