Design a mockup in photoshop, slice it, code in dreamweaver

Howdy all,
in search of information on these:
Absolutely no. 1: Any good tutorials out there that show these steps: a)
developing the mockup throughout photoshop. b) reducing the mockup and also c) getting
it employed in Dreamweaver, marking the idea up with xhtml / css my spouse and i. e. the
entire process.
Absolutely no. 2: Which is much better to use photoshop initially then dreamweaver
or just style the website within dreamweaver alltogether – it is possible to
preference on most web designers – what is the trend or existing practice
many thanks,
Andy R

well, photoshop is usually nice to buy a layout approved.
nonetheless its just a lot easier going straight html/css, you can photoshop it if you want and slice that, or you may possibly just draw it on paper, then mark this up then make your graphics

post prefer #2

Thanks for any reply – I do believe option 2 will be the better option to me also: classic:

Many thanks aburningflame for discussing this helpful links. off course 2nd link is good

best regards,

Kool Coming up with USA.

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