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Relating to currently changed your layout and feel belonging to the website, about the age of Technology. It is especially done in CSS as well as html. I am aiming as well as for older people who wish to know about the get older of technology; needless to say I am in addition trying aim it about the factors behind the trends, and additionally aiming it, like a set of themes that other programmers, coders can update the positioning, via colur, content and also layout changes and not make to many changes for the html, they may use the CSS values while in the styles sheet to be able to change the colouring, font etc.
The age of Technology And It’s Trends colour could be to help people for you to read the screen with virtually no glare, There is one thing I would really prefer to mention, The menu that goes across the page, has subject matter, I am confused that I should keep this link as being the contents of the positioning are posted on the left hand area.
I would really prefer an opinon about the design and the layout..

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I would really prefer an opinon about the design and the layout..

Greetings! To my imagination the layout will be excellent – everything is clear, it will be easy for that visitors to find all the necessary information. What concerning the form – I think it’ll be appropriate to add some dark grey as well as pale yellow coloring. Both of all of them will harmonize with all the basic coloration as well as refresh the disign.

thank you.
We are considering that the contents link to be taken out there, as the contents are about the left hand facet.
I am aware about the off white and yellow, it would make it greater.
Relating to the updates section underneath about the left hand facet, but it sounds a tad off putting, Can anyone sugest what Possible have instead of the update section.

Relating to thought of exchanging updates with various images, images that represent sections from the site. but will that be too demanding and much less content


You should put into header horizontal map-reading menu:

  • Home
  • The factors
  • Birth with the
  • Graphical
  • Techology
  • What the
  • Forum
  • Dictionary

You should put into footer horizontal map-reading menu:

  • Updates
  • Contact
  • About
  • Help
  • SiteMap

Get free off welcome.

Thankyou, aprantly it looks far better. some of the topics is likely to be changed, but I am going to keep you published.

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