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Hi there,

I’m working on an internet project (Official, not really a fancy web). We would like design ideas for any web page format.
YOU. I want to make use of the complete internet site, because I will present so many control within a page.
COUPLE OF. There will always be main menu to ensure user can change between pages.
THREE OR MORE. I want online page to glance different (meaning not really a regular one)

Is there just about any sample sites in which I can take a look and get some ideas

With thanks


I know exactly what you want to do, I’ve considered starting similar projects. Just look on Facebook, in essence, it’s one massive web app regarding communication, with any metric ton involving controls on each one page. Also notice however, how several glitches Facebook features. In my thoughts and opinions, Facebook is nearly all unstable site used by the general public (To post a particular event, I was kicked released 4 seperate times thanks to server/scripting errors, losing my changes in the actual process)

Have high quality,

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