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Which was taken from your facebook description in the group, I currently are now living a town in nj-new jersey known as Water Hopatcong and myself and also a few friends had the thought to create an internet site for all elements Hopatcong. Just not a common town website though a web site aimed towards our own generation Highschool by College. We need to make the site sorts of urbanish if that is smart kind of counter-culture virtually style. As of right now we have a few def. things we want the site to offer. An Ezine part where a nearby music scene magazine called Moustache Magazine may have an online magazine, I am imagining maybe blog type extension just for this. In the future we intend on adding more sections such as this. We also want to have a charity segment where information is often posted about getting together to choose up trash, creating hiking pistes in area called " Devils Footprint", just a section of the website for people to go and see types of events are coming up that they may be apart of that will with the village. We also want to have a social part for local conventions wether they possibly be music festivals, zero cost running competions, all kinds of sports tournements the place that the ticket money and almost profit goes near fixing something in place in town or maybe fixing the skate recreation area. We also want to have an anti-drug area as our village is slowly being a wasteland regarding drug use received from the city along with newark area. We will post many anti-drug adds here in addition to, recovery information, recuperation storys, numbers to help call, na group meetings, stuff like this.

I really just need someone nobody can help me get the base set in addition to give me a begin working the ass so I recognize where to go after that. I am for no reason looking for someone to style this whole thing I’m just looking for someone to design a cool web template and show me how to upload it, At the beginning I plan on hosting my own domain from the computer (HopatcongUnderground. Org) but I never even understand how to do that. So if anyone is enthusiastic about this most probably pretty massive undertaking please email my family at hopatcongundergroundteamgmail. com or even im me with omgtravisonfire. I could actually use some assistance with this.

well the very good news is you sound like this will be way hard. prob harder then it truly is actually, and yet you will be still interested. so this should turn up well for people. the first buy of biz will surely have to be getting a hosting account with mysql, and php. then anyone very good with graphics to receive the look precisely how you want. you will need a man or women good with coding to bring coursesmart to a sensible state. at that point you must pause and evaluate the final leg and very good tuning before sending it live.

Thanks a ton for posting Dorky, For now until the internet site is completey functional I want to run this hosting account off of my computer. My connection is but if I must Seen I can have the funding for your hosting account it can not be that much capital.

This will require a lot of work from numerous people with many of the different categories in addition to updating that’s required. I doubt you are likely to find many people to complete designs and writing without cost (I’m assuming you are looking for pro bono work), let alone set up a lot of dynamic areas within the site. If you do get a crew together without cost, then you should worry if they’ll see it through and not leave you dangling half way by. It sounds like you’ve got about 10 sites in one planned!

Gradually this is likely to cost money, at least something, and the price of hosting will probably and needs to be the least of your worries.

You say the saying " we" so it sounds like possibly you have some help, consequently that’s good.

Consequently, to start way up, I would say you need the following:

1). SOME SORT OF php coder, together with html & css
2). Someone to do some decent writing
3). Artwork designer
4). Someone to gather update info and also general info for any categories you have
5). Web hosting service, I wouldn’t practice it from your own computer

That can get you began, but your visiting have trouble finding someone to operate for free unless they live in that area.

many us new to style like myself hence probono work can be purchased. i dont realise that this site requires specialist from just about every area. i dont see why this would get such graphically rigorous imaging. the backend would likely mostly be sql querys so that wouldnt need a lot of engeniering either.

OOhhh Dorky! Everything is really easy for you! Well… let’s have a glance at what’s involved.

– A markets, buy, sell, trade (that’s an entire site right there)
– Anti drug section
– Charity event section
– A forum
– Organize volunteer groups
– A scumbag watchlist section
– Need stickers, flyers, ads
– A music landscape " big time"
– Online magazine section
– Social section

No dependence on a graphics person Just some sql queries He’s gonna need at very least 2 people that can put all that jointly, and that’s just as well as itself. He might get 1 person which could do it most of, but they convinced ain’t gonna practice it for free. Then (insert selection here) more people to take root all this info with the various sections, do write ups and make it interesting to read, talk to folks, and keep it all informed. Then probably the next person just for any heck of the item. Sure one or even two people COULD make a site like the following, but it most likely wouldn’t be well worth a crap! The majority of the work will be outside coursesmart building part.

I could truthfully go on…

Edit::: oh yeah, there need to be some money spent somewhere.

lol. can occur man. give them some hope. flyrs and so on are not web page design so thats out and about. social, music, and events could all be covered by a forum builder. the e-mag too unless you are available it then it goes with the e-store which can be done with a builder as well. the watchlist you may create with yahoo and google maps and iframe this in, and the antidrug around the home page. lots of the builders like drupal while others have forum and also e-store moduals and so to tie this together under one theme can be much easier in the process.

I think HopatcongUnder merely found someone to assist him with the project

Start with the Drupal template after which you can help him set-up his or her own server,
since he explained he knows nothing with that. (and do it over the phone
as you won’t be in the same town seeing that he is)

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