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Greetings people. I was wondering if anyone could help me
What i would really prefer to do is i curently have one background shade, but what i mean to do is to own two different shades, and also having tapering corners. We can understand that i probably have not explained this well, if so we do apologize. That may help you, Have a check out this webpage, it’s hairdressing page known as Domonics, and this is often what i choose to do
http: //www. dominics. company. uk/

I would considerably appreciate if anyone could help me released.

You can perspective their HTML/CSS coding to see exactly how these people did it.

If you’d like, you can duplicate their scripting and graphics in order to learn
precisely how they did the item… don’t plagarize his or her code…. use it to read how it’s executed,
and make something on your own.

With all your browser, go for you to any site and click ‘View’, mouse into ‘Source’, from the superior browser menu.
You’ll see their HTML and any records they use.
It is possible to put your sensitive mouse over their photos and right-click just to save any images.

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