Design puzzle: how can I make this look good?

Hi there All,

La and orange county Alex and I’m new to the forum. I am brand new to professional web page design and am doing my first serious project redesigning an internet site for your small business. I have meet up with a design issue and need many advice, if you are likely to lend me some time.

I’m drawing the graphical structure in Photoshop of your redesigned version of this web site: http: //www. icc-usa. com. The present progress of this redesign (though the main content area is quite incomplete) looks this way: http: //www. icc-usa. com/GraphicalTemplate-Final_copy. jpg.

My problem is that this: I like the top end header that Relating to designed thus far and also main (purple) navigation menu, but I tough to make the principle content (white background) harmonize when using the other parts on the design. My idea was for making the main subject matter design look basic and clean, similar to the apple. com visual. The three panels in the main content area should showcase three kinds of products and act as in other words easy-to-use navigation list for customers.

I realize that I am mixing styles when using the minimalistic look from the main content area as well as the elaborate texture on the purple menu, but are you able to think of any strategy to make the most important content area glance better It’s still greatly incomplete, but I don’t like the look in the main content area to date and so here’s at an impasse. Any help could be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,
Alex L.

Brilliant start. Maybe try such as this for articles area

PS – i’d also work rather on the major nav – those tabs look of place.

Thanks for your reply, smoseley. I’m keen on the fade effect. It seems a person did a fade gradient from your bottom, if My business is not mistaken. The question is: how did you cause it to look like this black gradients around the sides of the chief content area was getting narrower while they fizzled out for the bottom

Regarding my original question, though, I was prompting more about generate the main-content (white) food selection look better. I’d like to see to keep the idea simple, clean, apple company. com-ish, but cause it to look good almost the other selections. Something’s off by using it right now, it seems if you ask me (even if MY PARTNER AND I spiced up that photo and added the rest of the text, something simply doesn’t fit). Any kind of ideas

With thanks!

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