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What does one all think in relation to designing for internet browser compatibility Up until recently I had just been focusing on optimizing my internet sites for Internet Explorer; which i thought was one of the most common browser. I have heard even more lately about Firefox and Netscape browsers and how they might display content in another way to.

I downloaded both these browsers and seen my site in most three and MY SPOUSE AND I only noticed insignificant variations. Mostly it turned out minor text sizing and spacing difficulties. The image boarders appeared expanded somewhat in Firefox in addition to Netscape too, and the default window width is bigger. (Myself and also most people i always know, usually view the internet in a 800×600 IE window and my web-sites are disigned to best integrate this siz windowpane as well)

So I do not see these small variations as that big of your deal to fret much about. The viewer would still find the same info via my site if they were on these three browsers. But I saw a few other sites which looked way down in Firefox along with Netscape over IE. Maybe My business is doing something suitable!

I wonder how many people actually apply these other surfers anyway. Now i have seen all three, I still like Ie greater and I have got never had any difficulty with it crashing or maybe anything.

Anyhow, I was just interested in learning what others thought and if you all made sure to optimize a person’s websites for many browser.

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Absolutely vital to try and cater for as many browsers as likely. Obviously Internet Explorer could be the dominate force at the moment in terms associated with users.

Taking a good deal at yours web sites stats might be recommended. I find that a few of the sites Relating to worked on previously have more firefox clients. It depends on the sort of site and a person’s audience.

Its recommended to develop implementing Firefox then fill out an application hacks and job arounds to cater for the likes of Online Explorer. Don’t neglect Mac users possibly.

The more you take into account when building your sites the higher. It doesn’t need to look identical to all browsers, the main concern is that it is actually readable and usable content. Hope this helps out somewhat.

Personally, WHEN I take IE6, Firefox & Safari seeing that my browsers to optimize for. Anything is useless, unless the specific situation requires the idea (For example, a new heavily mac focused site might assure optimizing for IE5/Mac)

Avoid, I forgot to mention " within reason".

It’s pointless losing sleep because you can’t get your internet site to behave itself in such as IE 4 as well as Netscape 4

I’m just as Brak. IE6 will be the priority for most projects followed by Firefox and subsequently Safari, the most used browser about the Mac. If you have time as well as the budget means that you can worry about a lot more, or it it required then its always nice if you’re able to.

Thanks for your reply Dan! I may look at some stats and find a better idea of my audience.

So what might I need to think about for Mac users


I have never heard with Safari, I will look into that one very. Thanks for your help!


Okay, the Safari browser definitely seems to be Mac based. Is this the common Mac user’s browser So what on earth can I do to test an optimize because of this if I don’t have a Mac

Gives thanks!


www. browsercam. com

Other services prefer that, or pick up an existing mac for affordable. Safari is a really popular mac web browser (May be essentially the most pouplar, not sure what the stats concerning Firefox / Safari are about the Mac)

I may check out the browsercam site, gives thanks!


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