Designing Personal Website, Need Some Examples

Heya, I want to generate a personal website that includes a photoblog, a frequent blog, and perhaps a portfolio as well as a resume too. I’ve been attempting to make this for years but I have been so hesitant (and MY PARTNER AND I still am) simply because I don’t want it to be only another boring weblog that nobody scans that clutters up the net. I also are weary of making a website that isn’t about anything… that may be just for my family to post equipment. That’s what Facebook and Twitter are generally for. But my personal goals are for you to (1) publish my personal thoughts, photos, and ideas, and (2) provide a place for potential employers to see my work (hence the portfolio and resume).

And so here’s my dilemma: Does this could be seen as a bad plan… like just another pointless blog site, or could it have potential What is considered your opinion

We would like some examples of websites which might be similar to this particular… I need tips for how they did it : layout and like, and what they put in place it and what they didn’t, and how they sorted it.

I appreciate the assistance!

WordPress is the easiest way to operate the blog/cms.
You could find free templates you could customize for yourself.

Particular blogs are personalized blogs…
You’ll be using it to your own personal purposes, so no problem about cluttering online.

Yes get a WordPress self hosted web log.

There are plenty of themes to pick from (many free) which have been easy to customise.

The beauty from the blog is that you may organise stuff into categories.

Just Google WordPress Theme and wade through the results.



there are so many things that you ought to keep in thought process while designing an affordable website, the design of your respective site is vital and you need to keep attention in the direction of it, you can divide your blog into different pieces e. g.

Things etc

Make sure that the design of one’s site should reflect the very content of your internet site…

I would suggest having some theme or overarching plan which ties every little thing together.

Most personal sites arrive off as a new hodge-podge glorified doodle pad without this notion as central focus.

Wordpress will be awesome, since they have tons of support several plugins. Since it is a personal site just can you it really does not matter what others would like to read or view.

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