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Very inexperienced web creator here. I’m trying to understand the basic scope of, process, timeline and charge of hiring a person or company to generate a system very like aardvak (http: //www. vark. com). I have gotten a number of quotes on that but they vary tremedously when it comes to scope, cost and timeline. I’m most interested in the back end system of the aadvark website.
Any guindance you could provide me with could be very helpful. Thanks for your help.

Where I can notify, the scripting is definitely custom… they’re unique design.

And it also looks like a tremendous project, with a lot of time spent on creating it.
I do not own an iphone, but looking at the code, they even have it included in an app.

If anyone said they can duplicate this to get $5000, I would likely question them.
This took several people a lot of time to create.

Nicely, if you prefer to make a net application then it’s good practice that this design of the web application needs to be relevant to the main theme of the application, so accomplish this purpose, you can hire a superb web solution company to being able to help you inside designing and development too……

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