Display diffeent messages in sepaate frame on page

I want to show announcements in square fame on my site that will bring up to date to new communication every 5-10 mere seconds and preferably heap them from some file that is easily editable.
Any app/script that may do this

Work with < iframe> for any square frame,
and then use Javascripting for you to " target" that iframe which has a timed program.

The message can be called by Javascripting by means of a PHP script.
Which PHP script may open a copy file and present the message.

Is there some step by step guide for this kind of


There are lots of other things a person didn’t mention.
Important things that will lead to different answers.

1) What do you mean by " that message"
One particular line, a sentence, many different paragraphs

2) Are you ready for messages… text, layouts, articles

3) How must the messages get there

4) What’s your website about, and can most of us see it
Provide us which has a link.

I can give a step by step guide, but not not having knowing more regarding it.
It could end-up being a big waste of time if you are project was not what I became thinking.

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