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My organization is tring to design a web page, part connected with my web software, where the individual can view the contents of an rtf. This rtf is made up of text and layouts. The page must also accept text and graphic to get uploaded as the rtf file back to the server.
Our web app is actually running on a good iSeries(AS400) machine, Websphere containing no GUI interface so I’m running in headless setting.
That is an attempt to take a Visual Foxpro Use running in Windows i always created but now we need a web version of that.

You’ll be looking into something like this particular: http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/

Usually what you’re talking about
A home-based method to alter and view RTF

Sure, but it must also support graphics. After i tried the Demo and pasted inside text and artwork it only indicates the text part.

Did you try it yourself webhost (website)
You may insert graphics in addition to photos from " browse" or even from " url".
It saves the graphics in a very directory of your choice.

The demo is usually a demo… they won’t let people preserve photos on the server.

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