Displaying Blog’s Tagline in Google Search Results — How?

While i google my website (TheDishmaster. com), the actual result displays the bill only, with as well as description under that. I want the tagline to appear beside that bill (i. e. The Dishmaster — Entertainment News That has a Side of Dish).

Does anyone understand how this is possible We have an ALL OF HOSPITALITY ATTIRE SEO plugin installed, but it has no area to enter a tagline.

I appears fine to do….
I wonder if it is a " physical Our planet location" that depends on what gets displayed

Discover the attach screenshot about my PC.

Also this is something that only Google provides you with, The best way for you to make sure that you simply have it is go into google webmaster tools and add the idea there under sitelinks.

Does to do too. Google should present varying results to different end users, computers, etc., so this is probably just any side effect of their behavior.

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