do parking sites help w/ seo?

carry out parking web-sites help w/ seo

Is there a lead to creating a site left at claim on the minisite considering the same written content on it in terms of seo / better search ranking

Before the actual parked purchase

Before parked bought whypark I’d personally say 100 percent yes mainly because whypark web page loaded being a 14.4baud connection.Now things need to be better however I’d test out a couple of whypark internet sites first.Plus you’ve got thousands associated with sites for the same IP which in theory should definitely not harm your own SEO although…

I’d declare a minisite is better as compared with parked…parked leaves large footprints…

WhyPark easily builds domains being shiny, brand new, living internet sites.

Now the number of web users are searhing for fresh, applicable whypark is saying that is your web blog that they’re searching but ones going for this just refer the trouble of this site.

Actually Posted by way of gr8wolf99 There has to be an advantage to using a site left at express on the minisite considering the same content material on it in terms of seo / increased search ranking I’m sure that left sites can have no impact of all kinds on SEO.And having the same subject matter in 2 different sites/pages will certainly create redundant problem.

Parking sites is not really a incredibly wise alternative.Minisites are whenever better if you possibly can capture website visitor leads by simply some newsletter enroll form as well as something.

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