Do you design for client or your peers

Before you start working on a new design, are you creating on your peers (fellow designers) Or are you creating for the particular novice/intermediate client
Circumstance: You decided to design a template today to create feel like the item Which direction do you usually take: exciting, creative. Or, organization, minimalist, typography powered approach

I undertake it for myself. But for me it’s not style and design, it’s trying to learn more PHP, MySQL, JQuery, for example.

Technically it isn’t applicable to people, but the point I’m trying to get at is the particular approach a designer takes to create a website. George redesigned his website also it has an effortless going artistic feel to it, which differs coming from a website like http: //www. wearepixel8. com/ which still has a good artistic feel to it but feels more business oriented.

I designed my own site with your thought to appealing to my target market – small establishments and professional persons (lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, for example. ) who wanted a web presence but did not need huge, challenging sites.

I try design with tabs to my client’s target market. Sometimes it’s difficult to receive them to recognize that while they own coursesmart, it’s being built targeted at their target market, and while they could think lime efficient and hot pink is perfectly amazing, it’s probably inappropriate for any lawyer’s site. (true history – he let go me and attended somewhere else)

Initially I think I used to be doing it for my peers; it was something new in addition to exciting. I think a?substantial amount?of new designers endure this process devoid of being fully aware of it.
BTW: Lime green and hot pink what was this individual smoking

I always only build something i always can learn a thing with and employ. So I will ever try a new technique out as well as for a site I need to build. That way you have a win win circumstance.

Learning inspires your creativity, which is cool…

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