Does Operating System Matter?

Formerly suffering with tinnitus told recently that it isn’t just good enough to style pages/sites for cross-browser compatibility and for cross-OS compatibility.
Can safari on OSX behave differently than safari with Windows Firefox in OSX, Windows, Linux
Providing the pages are made using cross web browser standards (valid HTML and CSS) will the OS truly matter
To all you professions designers around: Do you employ a windows XP, Vista, Mac pc, and Lunix box against your desk to pay attention to OS compatibility Or does one just have what’s necessary to check the windows.

indeed, it does issue. yes, I complete have multiple units. At home WHEN I run a MBP together with VMs of Ubuntu and XP.

With all the current different variable regarding browsers and operating systems it’s futile to aim testing on almost all. Not only are there to test to get different browsers but also for different produces on each visitor… Not to mention each browser version for the different releases of each one operating system. Its good practice to check it on a common browsers but my advise could be to stick with good coding techniques and also let the user’s field interpret the code one of the best it can.

For some extent, OS matters. The most likely thing you’ll discover is situations wherever browsers have several bugs on various OSes — certainly not rendering bugs, although other bugs.

I believe, I just check the browsers. Safari, Firefox, and IE would be the norm for my family. Varying it based on OS is less vital that you me and MY SPOUSE AND I don’t really fuss, even though I focus on a MacBook Pro and have a dual-booting OpenSUSE as well as Vista desktop proverbial box.

The best advice i always can give is definitely, it depends. If it’s a current site you are re-designing, see if you’re able to get some analytics data to find out which browser/OS combination to pay special attention to be able to. If there is no analytics data because person who built the last site didn’t collection it up, then set the idea up yourself plus collect the data when you are developing. This can also help to establish the success from the new site.

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