Does the number of site pages help in SEO?

Does the number of site pages aid in SEO

is it to certainly say which the more webpages you’ve, the extra " optimized" will be your webblog in terms of SEO

quality > sum.

The solution lies in the number of of those pages are generally unique.If you have a site with ONE PARTICULAR, 000 websites and many 1, 000 internet pages are unique with the search engines’ distinction of different then good.However, in the event that that exact same 1, 000 page web site only possesses 100 distinctive pages regarding content along with the other NINE HUNDRED pages are similar, then the answer is simply no.

The crucial is understanding what search serp considers to be unique articles.It’s quite simple actually, but listed here are the key factors of every page that you should unique.

  • Title
  • Meta-Description
  • Meta-Keywords (Bing & Yahoo! index this specific but Google does not)
  • H1 (heading tag)
  • Body (visible textual content contained inside the opening along with closing shape tags of this html reference code)
  • Link wording (all belonging to the links with each page must not be identical)

And which is it.So if every web site you complement your internet site is totally different from any alternative page on your site you then are a-ok and the harder pages a person add, more suitable chance you’ll have of receiving organic research traffic.

One Caveat
If the particular content you wear your web-site is found on a further site online then many bets usually are off.This response " assumes" you will be putting upward original / distinctive content and the it’s not recently been indexed by Google upon another web page.

Some additional things

Make sure your web blog is very well designed making sure that all the content might get indexed.

Do many keyword homework and distributed those released in the way you create articles.

of study course, the much more the page the more the article rating nonetheless quality in addition important.

Originally Posted by means of 2d0k would it be right to talk about that the greater webpages you might have, the extra " optimized" will be your blog in terms of SEO It is important is the caliber of the content.But concerning make certain you are providing the latest, correct plus quality information towards your users, that is why, I think that the amount or volume of pages/content can also be important.You’ll have to update content in the site making sure that users might get the most current info.

thanks jasodowdell..that’s very educational..and to any or all, thanx..


Such a great wonderful post produced by JasonDowdell.His point will be main Part of SEO.Also submit Unique Articles for ones each of web site and The actual Layout of Textual content.

2000 reports or around replicas of the homepage will conduct nothing for the SE rank.

However, many several pages will be great all of which each add an amount of PR to your home page.
Furthemore, I find some edge into on your own SEO</acrony

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