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hallo each one
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i want some help, i gonna make a donation page for a animal zoo site and u work to couldt donate at upcomming projects they whant to develop in the zoo, bett ur mobile along with visa,, and then i whant in making it like your lille pic with the project and then like a xp bar beneath like this/URL/IMG
so how do you make a are living time xp standard there counts every time someone donate bett mobil or visa then when it got give finise tell its done
pleas i want some help here
remorseful my bad english


They first need credit cards merchant, like authorize. net or paypal and also something
like this. Who are they will using to process their bank cards online

I want to know that first, because everything else gets built surrounding the coding that
an individual’s merchant requires.

The language barrier shall be problem.
It is advisable to find a PHP/MySQL programmer in the area (speaking your language).

i believe i gonna generate paypal to them plus some site for the particular sms but in which dosent care the matter is the gift counter. do u think i desire to make it on any recordings sql server databases

and my english usually are not that bad, so i cant get assist in sw the problem within english,

Certainly, you will have to have a MySQL repository and use PHP for that scripting.

PayPal is known for a developer site made especially for testing your pieces of software.
It’s free to make use of and they have numerous PHP/MySQL examples, methods,
snippets connected with code.

Work with their great totally free developer site intended for creating and assessment your scripts:
https: //developer. paypal. com/

We have no access to your MySQL or PayPal, so there’s not much
you can do for a person. You’ll have to achieve this on your own and provide
one message if you become one (and a number of codes)… maybe most people can
aid figure it available.

Utilize the resources on that paypal developer site to be effective between your
PHP scripts and PayPal. Every successful transaction will probably affect the count
on your various MySQL records, sort of just like doing inventory using a shopping
carry script.

Whatever else you perform, you need to get PayPal.

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