Dont know where increased hits coming from

Hi there,
Inside recent couple months, the unique hits I’m getting increased by means of almost 100%, from around 150 per day to almost 300 daily. I am not complaining but MY SPOUSE AND I dont have any idea where there’re coming from. I had been just updating my own site as regular and I checked as well as statistics and backlins and failed to see anything beyond ordinary or added in. Any ideas precisely how did this come about

View ones webhost stats…
I’m guessing those hits aren’t people, but lookup robots.
Digg, Google, MSN crawl the sites usually.

But why would this happen all of a sudden I am still unclear. The site is definitely up since 3 years. And there was 2-3 occasions the place that the hits jumped suddenly this way (may be not 100% but 30-50%). What is a search robot and precisely why do they visit a niche site much more all of a sudden How about returning visitors Additionally , they increased but less much. May become by 10%…

Or perhaps a spamming robot

I’m guessing your increase isn’t human.

Attempt with google analitycs

i’ve google analytics too but it gives pretty much exactly the same results. okay i agree that the increase is because of bots. another question here. when my spouse and i say " my website has a lot of unique hits" would that include things like these spamming robots too or learn how to distinguish between spamming bots visiting the site along with real people when people talk in relation to their website sinks into, would it usually include such hits too

Google Analytics reduces the " hits" based on keywords used to arrive your site, or search results used to reach your website or referring web pages etc. Looking at the details gives you a better idea.

maybe its just that you really have a fantastic traffic now.

best wishes for your website!

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