Downloading a moonfruit free site and moving it to new host

Will anybody know if this really is possible I’d choose to move my no cost moonfruit site which i built and move it to your new host. How would I let that happen

I’ve never been aware of moonfruit. Do you access your internet site using FTP
Or even, and they don’t have getting some sort of online control solar panel, you’ll have
to manually copy ever file and image manually. Give us the link to your
site so you can easlily see what it’s.

The web-site is http: //ericferusfund. moonfruit. com I cant find an ftp inside the cp. I need to move the whole site with a new host which has ftp.

What you’ve got there is not necessarily an " true website"… it’s some sort of " members/users" web site.

That looks like an online service thing, where anyone upload your pictures, content, etc.
for their server and the " members" websites. You cannot move it to somewhat of a new host.

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