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Hello there everyone.

I’m having trouble deciding the right way to present my downloads.
I don’t just want titles with links for the download.
I wish to be creative.

How can everyone else do downloads therefore to their site

Or what sort of cool download sections designs have any kind of of you viewed

What type of downloads
PDF, MP3, photos

. zips along with. rars mainly

you could do a directory of names for download, but with your twist and do flyouts which have either an impression or something about the file inside… i kinda want to do that now i wrote it, so dont let that happen its a poor idea.

Apply an unordered number and list goods.
Inside the list item produce the file name, as well being a graphic. Maybe songs notes for tunes, a book pertaining to pdfs, etc etc

computer code a jquery fadein/fadeout in mouseover, or any color change at hover

Unwell write you a strong unordered list guide.
Theres a lil bit of css involved heres the actual gist though

ul. downloads
overflow: hidden;
thicker: x px;

ul. downloads li
float: left;
thicker: x px; /*adjust this to know how many fit on 1 line*/
peak: x px;
margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; /*top-right-bottom-left, adjust bottom and to certainly adjust spacing between elements*/
underlay: 0px; /*adjust regarding padding youd like*/
line: 1px solid reddish colored; /* this provides you with an idea connected with how this becomes layed out, eliminate it when youre done*/

Thats the actual gist, ill post the actual tutorial link wen i obtain a chance

eventually im gunna bypass to writing some tuts myself… I’m sure maybe right following I finish watching everything I can find on tvshack. world wide web…. seriously my worst enemy in terms of getting anything positive done.

an additional idea might often be turning a expensive " gallery" proper 3D download office manager… I kind of like sphere galleries… although not to thrilled by using using free stuff junk heli-copter flight internet and ought to do it personally… quite a bit of work it is fair to go into you… of course my partner and i guess it really all hangs whats actually Inside the. zip and. rar data… I mean if you ever had an involved download manager to download a handful of expense reports… kinda takes the zing away from it.

Ahhh the stuff junk you could potentially find if an individual look deep into the internets

i’m sure i ment —> although not to thrilled with with all the free junk… as well as free stuff… i’m sure you can have only one or other… ill ask Bush Junior.

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