Dreamweaver 8 Button Alignment Question

This particular question is regarding an internet site Ive built within Dreamweaver 8. The problem I’m having has related to the misalignment regarding my buttons when viewed on a lap top around firefox or internet explorer. The website looks fine in Safari and the buttons stick into the top like their designed to but when MY SPOUSE AND I view it inside the other browsers, the buttons often try to center themselves with the other layout and hence become misaligned and disseminate.

This matter began occurring next time i inserted a larger volume of text into the table alongside the buttons as a result making the page longer than ?t had been before.

The particular buttons are imported image graphics coming from Firefox. I can tell from contemplating the code this spacers were added into your dreamweaver code, once i deleted them the layout moved for the top, but I wasnt in a position to find enough of them to align all of the buttons so this idea didnt work plus the buttons were continue to misaligned.

My goal should be to find a method to adjust the layout to ensure that the buttons and graphics adhere to the top and never spread out. If any you have any ideas on how to get this done I would tremendously appreciate some assistance.

First, will not design and move from Fireworks. It will just give everyone headaches with tables and other things that are.

Subsequent, post a link so we could see what’s going on.

Here is your code for one of many buttons and the particular table:

< tr>
< td height=" 42" > < a new href=" index1. htm" onmouseout=" MM_swapImgRestore()" onmouseover=" MM_swapImage(‘TheLightedWaySpaceClearingsPageCut_r3_c1’, ”, ‘images/TheLightedWaySpaceClearingsPageCut_r3_c1_f2. jpg’, 1); " > < img name=" TheLightedWaySpaceClearingsPageCut_r3_c1" src=" images/TheLightedWaySpaceClearingsPageCut_r3_c1. jpg" width=" 192" height=" 42" border=" 0" id=" TheLightedWaySpaceClearingsPageCut_r3_c1" alt=" " /> < /a> < /td>
< td> < img src=" images/spacer. gif" width=" 1" height=" 42" border=" 0" alt=" " /> < /td>
< /tr>

Dining room table:

< tr>
< td width=" 15" height=" 13" > < /td>
< td width=" 313" > < /td>
< td width=" 18" > < /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td height=" 595" > < /td>
< td valign=" top" > < p class=" style5" > In relation to myself < /p>
< p> Since childhood I have recognized the other aspect, I can keep in mind as far back again as 4 years old being led by my pal to come and see the trees blossom Relating to learned to create a savings fund energy flow to create a positive atmosphere to complete the desired outcomes. < /p>
< p> My expertise range from the martial arts, feng shui, herbology and healing with an additional 20 plus years on the police force. < /p>
< p> It’s my goal to offer healing pathways on the seeker. Not my way even so the WAY. < /p>
< p> These healing paths include but will not be limited to: < /p>
< p> Utilizing your mind along with changing destructive pondering patterns, learning the art of positive thinking. < /p>
< p> Personal energy as well as the clearing of versions own energy discipline (the aura) this consists of ones own particular space and how to improve the caliber of ones energy industry and what different things you catch the attention of to yourself. < /p>
< p> Your clearing of personal space and kinds environment from adverse energies, habits as well as patterns. < /p>
< p> Paranormal occurrences that could be happening in your lifetime or the lifestyle of someone you recognize. < /p> < p class=" style14" > & nbsp; < /p>
< /td>
< td> < /td>
< /tr>
< tr>
< td height=" 14" > < /td>
< td> < /td>
< td> < /td>
< /tr>

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