Dreamweaver 8 Scroll Bar Question

Im working on a custom website and I was wondering if anyone new the right way to create a custom scrollbar for the dreamweaver 8 insurance. Ive currently been while using code below regarding my scroll bars but keeping this code the scroll bar is the same design and color. If anyone has almost any suggestions Id possibly be so relieved.


< style type=" text/css" >
entire body
font: 11px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

width: 200px;
levels: 200px;
history: #ccc;
flood: scroll;

< /style>

< div id=" content" >
< p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit down amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc dapibus sagittis orci. Mauris magna elit, facilisis the, imperdiet ac, imperdiet the, velit. Vivamus augue tortor, pellentesque inside, aliquam ac, vulputate nec, arcu. Suspendisse dolor risus, porttitor vel, luctus sit down amet, rhoncus quis, turpis. Proin ut neque. < /p>
< /div>

Should you be talking about this particular scroll bar around the vertical or horizontally (the browser)
That can only be evolved for IE…. FF (Mozilla) does not support it.

I’m talking about inserting a scroll bar while in the actual website site, not the one about the side or bottom that’s almost always shown. I have many images inside a specific sized box on the website and I really need to add a scroll bar to that box so the particular websites length is still around consistent.

The image slider, using JQuery or Flash
Use Google to find some free graphic sliders.

Thanks to the suggestion, I’ll give that your try then.

Really the only problem is the actual image slider can be custom designed, MY SPOUSE AND I already designed that in fireworks, now I simply need to find out how to make it perform.

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