Dreamweaver or somethings else- Blurry images

I became taught Dreameaver when i learned html plus I used them to post my site, but my images look blurry in addition to fuzzy. Is that from Dreamweaver After all, even high res shots look bad. How one can fix this

My own sister said WHEN I should use fireworks, or another program

For mine and my own sister’s site Many of us took illustrator records into photoshop in that case sliced to dreamweaver. I know there is some over kill here in my process nevertheless I’m just throwing it on the market in case the method might also be a problem.

Gives thanks

They are probably being saved when JPEG type from 75% quality.

Discover the photo editor, or whatever they employ and switch the default (75%) to 100%.

Might be the images are generally enlarged or expanded past their normal/default solution size

Dreamweaver provides you plenty of opportunities to implement your ideas straight into life – it is necessary to study video games correctly and thouroughly. It requires time period – I additionally had difficulties with Dreamweaver in the beginning by now MY SPOUSE AND I can’t imagine the working process with no this " helper".

I don’t think the blurry images due to dreamweaver. It might something related to the images decision. For images croping and editing, you may test photoshop.

First save for web in photoshop with high class image and employ right height wider in html licence plate.

Like others have said in all likelihood Dreamweaver is not at fault. Make sure that when you are resizing images near someone changing the scale likely currently at. For instance when you have a picture thats the best square of say 100×100 make sure if you’re resizing it smaller you retain the scale consequently say 50×50. In photoshop while resizing images you are able to decrease there size by just a percentage instead of by pixels which usually sometimes helps however either when when resizing make certain the option to resize with all the scale is checked! Hope that assists…

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