Duplicate content and descriptions ? Google penalize my blog

Copy content and descriptions Yahoo and google penalize my personal blog

My The search engines webmaster tools/content analysis shows 5 URL Duplicate Meta descriptions



This A COUPLE OF URL exhibits same articles and comments, therefore The search engines penalize the blog (traffic lowered 800/per day time to 30).

How to cut out this WEB ADDRESS – /comment-page-1/ (I am not creating this URL)

If you might be sure that the content of your web web-site was original – don’t hesitate for you to grab proves you could have regarding that will and contact google support and have that will help you.

I assume so my spouse and i agree that if you got exclusive and authentic content then don’t hesitate to make contact with google support

Depends on the script that will does translates into the Meta tags with regard to different websites dynamically.

What you need to do is definitely see these pages — See Source —

Check of which meta tags out.They may all always be same.

Many scripts have header include things like part and also this part when incorporated into pages where the meta tags are manufactured from your content itself it operates fine.However some leading level internet pages are overlooked out through it.Then it takes on the default meta tags specified by user.

So go here it is your script that may be creating this matter for an individual.

As pertaining to having ONLY TWO URL’s around same website with related content.It’s just save issue.You should utilize robots.txt plus exclude those URL/URLs via being crawled.

EX:You may exclude the /comment-page-1/ issue from automations.txt


if you probably have to take out the replicate content, you may first hinder the obtain from automations.txt when mentioned by simply Nick.In which case you can submit to get rid of the WEBSITE from Search engine WebMaster Tool > Resources > Take out URLs.

how do you know this seemed to be the reasoning were you to penalized

on dupe articles, that is crucial to a website…(which happens) you may simply hinder google’s bot from crawling and indexing it’.

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