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Concerning a basic dilemma. By saying dynamic page I am aware of that I key in info into my database as well as the page pulls the item accordingly with php. But so as to enter that page content with the < p> < b> < /br> and many others… formatting, you first really need to write it like a html code after which you enter it to the database via a questionnaire right Is there any other way I ‘m asking because We have difficulty in getting into html info to the form which messages mydatabase. I cant paste the main code when there is a sneak extra spacing among tags or phrases… My form may be a simple text industry. How can I paste the entire code into a questionnaire that I copied from the code genrator including dreamweaver and that paste everything As well as am I incorrect from start and whenever I create a php page having dreamweaver, there is one way to update your database

you possibly can pull from the particular database or the folder. or even various depending on how it is implemented. look up the php include manual on the search engines to see how to use it. i use include and several other php scripts to set-up pages out of everything from html files to be able to adding content from your folder automatically thus i dont need to code everytime my partner and i add an image into the image folder.

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