Edit Dreamweaver editable region from browser (CMS?)

Need some approach to edit Dreamweaver editable region (template) from in just browser like CMS’s complete, but i dont need to build my site using CMS i want to define certain areas which might be editable.
Perhaps there is FREE solution so that this

Do you know anything about PHP
And do you make your web sites. php (instead involving. html)

There are several simple PHP alter methods…
some with a small amount of security or capabilities, but very essential and easy.

Color require a WYSIWYG manager or very fundamental (text only)

Is this to get clients to edit content If you do not want a cms site or deal with php (although Max can probably teach you an easy solution) then you can look at Cushy CMS. I use it for 2 sites and it works great to get simple text plus image swaps for your client.

Cushy is usually a nice editor.
The simpler the better.

Konductor, Konductor, Konductor – requires default. dwt and makes them a CMS template – the person interface is unbeatable. It’s like Add – but THOUSANDS OF times better. hope that helps!

Meh, Cushy is old school. Offer Surreal CMS some sort of try. Same strategy as Cushy but way better.

My organization is currently going in the same headache by myself. There are CMS systems available that allow to get editing existing web pages. A few I’ve found are:
http: //www. cubescripts. com/index. php
http: //www. lightneasy. org/

http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/index. php –
http: //clovercontent. com/
http: //www. cushycms. com/
http: //www. easysiteedit. com/
http: //www. clesto. com/

From what I can gather, any cms that you just host on the server – rather than having to sponsor the content of one’s website on the actual cms server (which I hate as they might pull the select at any time) – means that you need a mysql database with all the package.

We’ve just discovered of which out hosting firm (Streamline) has http: //tinymce. moxiecode. com/ already installed together with a couple associated with other CMS models. You might find the same on your hosting system.

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