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What makes the best design What types of things do you like in layouts, artwork, logos, commercials, taglines, anything

Views only, of course.

Where is this coming from!

I became reading a line somewhere today when somebody mentioned Quizno’s. For those of you who aren’t experienced with Quizno’s, it’s a sandwhich place in the us and Canada, the commercials are for instance, " Mmm toasty. " But here’s what I’m keen about Quizno’s, as being a designer: They seriously utilize the QUEEN! On their internet site, they use its shape as being a quotation bubble. If you eat-in at one of many stores, the plate is shaped as the same Q. What else might you want from a new logo!

I’m just curious what others like What’s powerful

I’m keen smart.

Brand-new seen the new line of Miller Lite Ads The place that the referees go all around and replace Bud Light source with Miller lite, labelling fouls like " Intentional taste mask" and also " Illegal technique handtruck. "

Love them.

Brand-new seen the new Bud Light Adverts in response

Love them more. These are smarter.

What I’m keen, is something of which gets the message across easily & basic. To me, that is definitely effective design. Sure, these flashy web sites are nice, but sometimes these are just complicated.

Just look at most of the major players inside computing world:

www. microsoft. com – the most important computing company on earth. Do you an entire flash site Simply no. It’s simple, easy to find the way and information is no problem finding.

www. packardbell. com – a big computer manufacturer, perhaps a bit more flashy, but white space must be used effectively and it is still simple.

www. amazon. corp. uk or www. amazon. com – a big online stockist, for a second time, simple site (apparently expense them 5M to style, which when you think about their stock, can be almost realistic), and what must be displayed, is.

www. ebay. co. uk – probably the most successful online auction site on earth. Flash Hardly almost any used. Simple, and also delivers information.

It is the same for all the sites mentioned earlier mentioned. They are just about all light, simple, quick to navigate website designs.

Today don’t get me wrong, I’m not nevertheless flashy sites can not be successful, but all this big people in computing are searhing for effective information delivery.

My estimation, dunno whether any individual else agrees. But in my opinion, that’s what " powerful design" means. Anybody elses opinions

I agree completely considering the above post. My business is studying design at the moment in college, specificly brand-new media, and the one thing all my professors say is keep the designs simple. Obviously I tend in order to forget this and also go all nevertheless that’s besides that point. I notice that next time i keep things basic my designs are a lot better but if MY SPOUSE AND I try all at once to get this done huge complicated thing it gets unmanageable.

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